Donya Ana (Gloria Romero) told Sandra (Camille Pratts) to keep the date of her wedding with Jacob (Mark Anthony Fernandez) secretly. They did not know that Michelle (Kyle Danielle Ocampo) was listening to their conversation. At the dining area, Desmond (Gabby Eigenmann) and Claire (Ynez Veneracion) asked for the details. But the clever old woman did not tell them for it might be the reason that Simeon (Neil Ryan Sese) would know. As Desmond pass by the room, he heard Michelle telling about a a secret to Jennifer (Mona Louise Rey) and Tonton (Migs Cuaderno). The two kids warned Michelle not to say thing to them since it is a secret. When the two kids were gone, Desmond then gets inside the room and befriended the child. He tried to get her trust and asked what the secret was about. At the mansion, everybody were called by Donya Ana because of the explosion of the news that everybody in the house knows of the details of Sandra and Jacob' s wedding.
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