Phillip (Leandro Baldemor) could not control his emotions. While Phillip was approaching the main door, Lynette (Katrina Halili) was waiting at the kitchen. She knows something bad was going to happen. Phillip strangled Lynette until she lost her breath. While at the emergency room, TJ (Kristofer Martin) was being revived by the doctors. Phillip then received a call from the nurse that TJ survived. A few moments later, the condominium guard came and asked if there was a problem since the neighbors heard a commotion. Phillip instructed the guard to call a police. Because he killed his wife. And he would surrender his self. Gemma (Krystal Reyes) and Calilla (Barbara Miguel) came and was surprised to see many police cars in their place. Calilla was crying so hard seeing her father with handcuffs. Phillip told Gemma not to let Calilla see Lynette. On that day, everyone who knew the couple was shocked to see the flash report. Donya Ana (Gloria Romero) could not believe the incident. As well for all the persons in the Montereal Mansion. While Simeon (Neil Ryan Sese) reports the incident to Desmond (Gabby Eigenmann) and Jacob (Mark Anthony Fernandez).
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