Manny (Roderick Paulate) and Sandra (Camille Pratts) were rummaging at the things of Jacob (Mark Anthony Fernandez). Michelle (Kyle Danielle Ocampo) and Jennifer (Mona Louise Rey) also helped the two. Jennifer found the birth certificate of Michelle under the table. Meanwhile, Desmond (Gabby Eigenmann) found the hiding place of Simeon (Neil Ryan Sese). Upon seeing Simeon, he punched him and told him that he is not like Lynnette (Katrina Halili). Jacob was very dismayed seeing his cousin. He have not thought that he is part of that kidnapping. While at the mansion, Claire (Ynez Veneracion) asks Kyla of the whereabouts of Tj (Kristofer Martin). Tj went to the convent where he used to stay.
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