Lynette (Katrina Halili) thought of a plan to whom she will ask for help and without pay. She went to see Simeon (Neil Ryan Sese) at the correctional. Simeon was curious why the beautiful wife of Jacob (Mark Anthony Fernandez) visited him. Lynette share to him the situation. That she and Jacob are already in the process of annulment. And in a few months, Jacob would be free. And Sandra (Camille Pratts) can now marry Jacob. And that Michelle (Kyle Danielld Ocampo) is the only legal heir to the properties of Donya Ana (Gloria Romero). Meanwhile, Jennifer (Mona Louise Rey) and Tonton welcomed Gemma (Krystal Reyes) and Calilla (Barbara Miguel) upon seeing them at school. Michelle approached the two and tease them for just riding a trysikad in coming to school.
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