Desmond (Gabby Eigenmann) was surprised to see himsele also tied up next to Jacob (Mark Anthony Fernandez). Jacob have told him that he should not have done those measures. Since he, Claire (Ynez Veneracion), and Kyla are included in the last will and testament of their Lola Ana (Gloria Romero). Desmond did not believe because he believe that Jacob is only telling those lies for him to feel worried. A few moments later, Simeon (Neil Ryan Sese) came in laughing at the two of them. So he thought of electricuting Desmond. He would only stop if Jacob had forgiven his cousin. Meanwhile, Phillip (Leandro Baldemor) could not sleep that night because of the conflict between Lynette (Katrina Halili) and Tj (Kristofer Martin). When he woke up the next morning, he was looking for Lynette and asked Gemma (Krystal Reyes) and Calilla (Barbara Miguel). His daughter answered him that her mother went out to give Tj a lesson.
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